Overview Gold Prospecting

The gold deposit at Disentis is one of the richest in Europe.

Gold washing has a long history, with many countries and regions practising gold washing since thousands of years. For Celtic and Roman nations, Gold had a very high status. Gold prospecting in Switzerland has also a long history. There is evidence that in the middle ages, Disentis experienced active gold prospecting.

In the local village I found out that a century ago, people were searching for gold in the gullies. In such a gully I found cut stones. Occasionally gold seekers in the region have found small mountain gold aggregates. I recognised early that it could be worthwhile to go prospecting for gold in the region, particularly in the valleys and canyons. Around the same time, I started to go gold prospecting with other hobby gold seekers in the valleys. In 1995, I started to run gold washing Courses and turned my hobby into a profession.

Gold washing is Switzerland, particularly in the Buendner Highland, is worthwhile. In 1996 I found in the depths of the Medelserrhein the «Desertina Nugget», a 48.7 gram gold nugget. This Swiss record did not last long - it was broken by one of my good mates. In 1997 he was gold prospecting in the Anterior Rhine when he found a nugget weighing an astonishing 123.1 grams. In the year 2000 a lucky gold prospector found mountain gold in a creek. It was 1.4 kilogram of crystalline gold, the largest gold discovery in the Swiss Alps.  

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